US Government Simulation

Take the role of White House Staff, National Security Adviser, A Metro Cop, or A Federal Police Officer, and more.
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 US Government Simulation

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PostSubject: US Government Simulation   US Government Simulation EmptySat Sep 01, 2012 11:45 pm

Take the role of a government official in this role play game. I take the role of President of the United States, I am the commander in chief and head of state and government in this game. You can also take the role of other white house staff, Defense Officials, Justice Officials and more. This game takes place in real time.

This game mainly deals with crisis's, so we have the Justice Department, Defense Department, and White House Officials.


1. No profanity or harassment towards other members.
2. Take your role seriously and post as realistically as possible.
3. Have fun.
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US Government Simulation
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